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Up North University

Welcome to Up North University! Life's better up here!

We invite you to shop our on-line store and purchase t-shirts, hoodies, polos, decals, and more! Customize your order based on size, color, logo, and slogan. You can also take our on-line exam to get your UNU-certified "Bachelor's Degree!"

Up North University (UNU) was born out of an idea to capture the unique essence & romantic notion of the Northwoods and to celebrate the regional culture.

To many people, ‘Up North’ conjures up thoughts of fresh air, clear lakes, running streams, starlit evenings, Northern Lights, wildlife, campfires, rustic cabins, family fun, and lasting, lifelong memories.

Most take back home with them some sort of memento, apparel, or merchandise branded with the name of a town or some other designation of the time spent ‘Up North.’

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