Welcome to Up North University!   Life's better up here!
Est. 2014

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Northern Wisconsin
Up North University
Custom t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other apparel

"Are We There Yet?"

"Come Study with Us"

"Earn Your Degree with Us!"

"It's a State of Mind"

"Life is Better Up Here"

"Lose Yourself Up Here"

"Now Accepting Student Applications"

"Open Campus"

"Play Like You Mean It"

"See You on Campus"

"Vacation Like You Mean It"

"Where Would You Rather Be?”

"You Deserve a Radical Sabbatical"

"You're Never Too Old to Learn"

“All Nighters Pulled Here"

“Is This Great, or What?”

“Log Off. Head North"

“Pay Attention in Class”


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